Jan 29

Does the United States Need More College Grads?

One of the education initiatives set forth by the Obama administration is to encourage more Americans to go to college and raise the percentage of people with degrees. After all, a common rule of thumb is higher education opens more doors to opportunity.

But an article posted today on Gawker cited a report from the Center for College¬†Affordability¬†and Productivity that stated a large number of bachelor’s degrees are going to waste in the current job market. More worrisome is that even as the economy continues to improve, the situation may only be exacerbated as the number of college graduates exceeds the number of high-skilled jobs available in the nation.

George Leef, Director of Research at the John William Pope Center for Higher Education Policy, says that “credential inflation” poses big problems among graduates. In the following clip, he offers several arguments against putting more Americans in college.

Does America Really Need More College Grads? from Miller Center of Public Affairs on FORA.tv

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