Jan 15

A Viral Vote Helped ‘Gangnam Style’ to Change the World

Korean popstar Psy ended a wildly successful year by retiring his smash hit “Gangnam Style” at Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve on December 31, 2012. Psy, who also celebrated his birthday on New Year’s Eve, thought it an appropriate time to move forward and work on his next hit. But “Gangnam Style” should live on well past 2013, considering it made an indelible impression around the world and is YouTube’s most-watched video ever– garnering over 1.1 billion views in just over six months.

We previously reported on the impact of Psy’s success with “Gangnam Style” and how the song was just another example of how technology has given birth to a global mind. Echoing our thoughts was Hunter Walk, Director of Product Development at YouTube. He used “Gangnam Style” as an example of how viral sensations allow the world to change itself in a presentation at the Social Innovation Summit.

A Viral Vote: How ‘Gangnam Style’ Helps Change the World from Social Innovation Summit on FORA.tv

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