Dec 13

Will a Continued Rise in Inequality Kill the American Dream?

Yesterday on NPR Boston’s On Point, Tom Ashbrook hosted a lively, even heated, discussion on the passage of Michigan’s “right-to-work” legislation and its implication on the future of labor unions in the country.

Anti-legislation advocates said workers will lose rights and access to fair wages and working conditions as a result of weakened union representation. Proponents cited Michigan’s tepid economy, especially in Detroit, and said an unfriendly business climate in the state has been perpetuated by a powerful union presence. Another key sticking point in the debate was whether or not right-to-work legislation would create more gaps in economic inequality in the United States.

At the America Works Summit hosted by The Atlantic earlier this week, former U.S. Secretary of Commerce Peter G. Peterson offered some sobering statistics regarding income inequality, which he says is leading to the decline of the American Dream.

Peter G. Peterson: The American Dream Is on a Decline from The Atlantic on FORA.tv

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