Dec 21

Top 10 FORA.tv Videos of 2012: #8 – Chris Matthews: Jackasses, Stop Asking About Obama Speech

If there is one thing that our seemingly divided nation can be collectively happy about, it’s the fact that the 2012 election is history. From the clash of candidates during the Republican primaries to vitriolic debates between President Obama and GOP nominee Mitt Romney, this year’s general election was filled with endless rhetoric from all angles for what seemed like an eternity.

And then, there was the media coverage. Like it or not, we live in a time where the cable network anchors and reporters practically wear partisan colors on their sleeves, which often stirs up emotions between Democrats, Republicans, independents and others even more. In fact, from one of our reports earlier this year, a former ABC News chief talked about the struggles news anchor often have with bias.

One anchor who offers his unvarnished opinion more often than not is Chris Matthews of The Chris Matthews Show on MSNBC. In a conversation with C-SPAN’s Steve Scully at the Cable Show 2012, Matthews talked about election reporting through the prism of cable network coverage.

At one point in their conversation, Scully asked Matthews if the words he used to describe a speech given by then-Senator Barack Obama still applied to his feelings about President Obama today (specifically, he said the speech had “sent a thrill up his leg.”) In a typical Matthews retort, he explained the reasoning behind his effervescent description of Obama’s nomination acceptance speech– with a bemused John King of CNN looking on.

Checking in at #8 in our countdown of the Top 10 FORA.tv videos of 2012, the often-controversial yet always-entertaining Chris Matthews at the Cable Show 2012.

Chris Matthews: Jackasses, Stop Asking About Obama Speech from National Cable and Telecommunications Association on FORA.tv

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