Dec 24

Top 10 FORA.tv Videos of 2012: #7 – Steve Ballmer: ‘Machine Learning’ Investing Key to Microsoft Innovation

Is Microsoft poised for big year in 2013? The venerable tech giant from Redmond has had to reinvent itself over the  past few years in order to compete the likes of Apple and Google–especially in the mobile market. In fact, the New York Times called 2013 a “year of reckoning” for the company’s new Windows 8 tablet software and Windows Phone 7.

However, the company’s bet on mobile hasn’t exactly been a smooth one. Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer has taken a lot of heat for the reboot, especially after Windows boss Steve Sinosfky abruptly left the company in November.

Aside from the Windows platform and Xbox gaming system, which are arguably the company’s two most recognized divisions among consumers, there is a brighter side to Microsoft’s future that starts with its investment in research that has gone largely unnoticed until now– that is, according to Ballmer. Products like Bing and applied research into data mining are examples of investment into machine learning, which, Ballmer said at a recent Churchill Club event, signals Microsoft’s continued dedication to bring innovative products to market.

Coming in at #7 in our countdown of the Top 10 FORA.tv videos of 2012 is Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer in conversation with Reid Hoffman at the Churchill Club.

‘Machine Learning’ Investing Key to Microsoft Innovation from Churchill Club on FORA.tv

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