Dec 25

Top 10 FORA.tv Videos of 2012: #6 – Maker Movement Heads to the Classroom with Raspberry Pi

For those of us opening presents on Christmas morning (or anytime throughout the holiday season) there is a fairly good chance one of those gifts was a tablet, laptop, smartphone, or other device with a computer processor inside. But what if instead of a neatly packaged computer, you just received an exposed yet fully functional circuit board? As perplexing such a gift may be for some, University of Cambridge professor and inventor Eben Upton believes his version of the personal computer could be the start of learning revolution.

Costing a mere $25, Raspberry Pi is a fully programmable computer about the size of a credit card and runs on Linux. Originally designed to help inspire school children to learn computer science and programming skills, Upton’s Raspberry Pi is now popular among DIY computer builders, who use it to power a number of different creations from homemade music players to amateur space craft.

Upton took the stage at this year’s Maker Faire to discuss how such a simple and cheap computer has the potential to drive boundless creativity among both children and adults alike.

Coming in at #6 on our Top 10 for 2012, watch “Maker Movement Heads to the Classroom with Raspberry Pi” from the Maker Faire.

Maker Movement Heads to the Classroom with Raspberry Pi from Maker Faire on FORA.tv

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