Dec 26

Top 10 FORA.tv Videos of 2012: #5 – Inspiration for Dunham’s ‘Girls': Real-Life Bad Dates

As one of the breakout stars in 2012, Lena Dunham is making just about everyone’s list as one of the year’s most talked about and celebrated names in show business. The Huffington Post named her as one of their “obsessions” for 2012 and Entertainment Weekly selected her as one of its Entertainers of the Year. Even TIME columnist Joel Stein made a case in selecting Dunham as the magazine’s “Coolest Person of the Year.”

If you’ve managed to catch Dunham on the HBO hit series Girls, you’re probably familiar with why she’s received so many accolades. As the show’s lead character, Dunham plays the role of Hannah Horvath– an aspiring writer in New York City who tries to navigates her complex personal and professional life after her parents cut off financial support.

But it’s her role as the show’s creator and writer that has impressed both audiences and critics alike. Flexing her creative storytelling abilities, Dunham has been called the voice of her generation; or, as her character Horvath put it with a tinge of self-depreciation in an episode from the first season of Girls, “at least a voice, of a generation.”

In one of the most popular segments at this year’s New Yorker Festival and checking in at #5 in our Top 10 of 2012, Lena Dunham talks with TV critic Emily Nussbaum finding inspiration for Girls– in real life bad dates.

Inspiration for Dunham’s ‘Girls': Real-Life Bad Dates from The New Yorker on FORA.tv

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