Dec 03

Tomorrow on FORA.tv: The Atlantic Presents a Forum on Conservation, Efficiency and Growth

Can big companies manage their bottom line as well as make protecting the environment a business priority? That’s just one of the questions up for discussion at tomorrow’s Forum on Conservation, Efficiency and Growth hosted by The Atlantic.

Industry leaders from Whole Foods, Walmart, AT&T, and Nestle will join the stage with speakers from the Environmental Defense Fund the Center for American Progress on promoting sustainable business and how to maximize profit through conservation and efficiency.

Before you tune into The Atlantic presents: Forum on Conservation, Efficiency and Growth, starting at 1:30pm EST (10:30am PST) consider the following article that called for similar action during the administration of President Theodore Roosevelt. Published in The Atlantic in May 1908, John L. Matthews’ “The Conservation of Our Natural Resources” explains that while “we are accustomed to think and to speak of America as a land of unlimited resources,” the idea puts our country’s long-term future at risk.

Next, watch the following video that explains how an unlikely partnership between The Nature Conservancy and Dow Chemical was formed to promote green infrastructure.

Kareiva on The Nature Conservancy’s Partnership with Dow from The Long Now Foundation on FORA.tv

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