Dec 14

Tales of the Absurd: Military Spending on Generals, Scandals, Golf

If Congress wants to get serious about solving the federal deficit, perhaps they need to take a closer look at where some of the most wasteful spending occurs.

Next year, the U.S. government will outlay $673 billion dollars toward defense spending, which makes up approximately 23 percent of the total federal budget. Often considered a sacred cow when it comes to cuts, the Department of Defense spends more than its fair share on absurdities, as explained in this article from Salon.com.

Some of the highlights: along with top-heavy leadership in the form of generals who command both high salaries, and generous perks (and are also involved in the occasional costly scandal,)  the DOD maintains 234 golf courses around the world.

Based on just a few of these facts, would it be that difficult to trim some military spending without jeopardizing defense readiness? Michael O’Hanlon of the Brookings Institution explains the quandary Congress faces when considering cuts in defense spending.

Michael O’Hanlon: Where U.S. Could Cut Defense Spending from The Weekly Standard and Concerned Veterans for America on FORA.tv

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