Dec 03

National Geographic Live: Mapping Climate Change in Blue Holes

Anthropologist and explorer Kenny Broad has recently tackled research on a variety of environmental issues in a unique, head-on fashion, or should we say head first– literally. The 2011 National Geographic Explorer of the year has spent much of his time diving into subterranean underwater caves in the Bahamas, known as blue holes, in order to better understand problems above ground such as climate change and natural resource management.

Spelunking in Bahamian caves systems and trying to solve societal problems seem rather disconnected at first, but Broad has discovered important clues inside these freshwater reserves that in turn help us understand the ecosystem on the outside.

Tomorrow, we’ll cover part two of this National Geographic Live series, Mapping the Unknown, featuring a Nobel laureate in physics who is search for an elusive cosmic substance called dark matter. In the meantime, watch part one of this series featuring Broad, his exploration of blue holes, and the¬†interdisciplinary¬†approach he uses in his research.

Mapping the Unknown, Part 1: Kenny Broad and Blue Holes from National Geographic Live on FORA.tv

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