Dec 17

Beyond Caine’s Arcade: Creativity Through Cardboard Construction

One of the most inspiring stories from 2012 was that of Caine Monroy, the founder and creator of Caine’s Arcade– an ingenious gaming center that he built almost entirely out of cardboard. We wrote about Caine’s Arcade a few times year, where we covered his backstory, as told by filmmaker Nirvan Mullick, and followed up with the impact the arcade had on the DIY crafting ethos.

In just a few short months since Mullick released his documentary on Caine, cardboard crafting has become a global phenomenon. For example, an Ohio preschool teacher removed all the toys in his classroom and replaced them with cardboard boxes in order to experiment with cooperation and community in the classroom. In addition, the Global Cardboard Challenge, an annual event celebrates creativity and entrepreneurship among children who work with cardboard, has reached 40 countries and involved hundreds of young creative minds.

Mullick spoke at the Big Ideas Fest on how Caine’s Arcade has inspired him to further promote ideas and events that help “build a better world through cardboard.”

Caine’s Arcade: Building a Better World from Cardboard from Big Ideas Fest on FORA.tv

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