Nov 20

What If Life Is Just One Big Old Simulation?

Spoiler alert: remember that final scene in The Matrix where Neo (Keanu Reeves) finally is able to see his world for what it really is–a computer generated construct made up of green pixels–and can therefore manipulate it to defeat the Agents in pursuit of him?

An thought-provoking piece on NPR’s Cosmos and Culture blog titled “The Reality Of Reality May Not Be Reality” questions the nature of what we perceive in our daily lives. Along with citing The Matrix as modern take on where the dividing line is between reality and simulation, just like Neo experienced in the clip above, the article also touches on singularity– a topic we’ve covered recently in the past.

But instead of trying to further muddle this rather complex topic, we’ll let two expert speakers from this year’s Science and Nonduality Conference explain the essences of reality and awareness and how they both help us understand the self.

Mokshananda: Reality and How the Mind Awakens from Science and Nonduality on FORA.tv

Mukti: Self-Recognition Can Inhibit the Real Truth from Science and Nonduality on FORA.tv

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