Nov 21

The Science Behind James Bond’s Martini

In between eating Thanksgiving dinner, watching football, visiting family and friends, and that seemingly inevitable shopping trip, this holiday weekend is also known for being one of the busiest times for drinking and movie-watching.

Therefore, in the spirit of the new James Bond film Skyfall, which was released on November 8 in the United States, it may be important over the course of the weekend to familiarize yourself on how to make the perfect martini, especially as a nightcap to those hectic daytime events.

The following video from Wonderfest, featuring author Harold McGee and chemistry professor Richard Zare, talks about why James Bond orders his martinis true-to-form and explains the science behind “shaken, not stirred.”

Shaken Not Stirred: Science Behind James Bond’s Martini from Wonderfest on FORA.tv

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