Nov 30

Set Your DVRs: HBO’s ‘Girls’ to Return in January

In the first season of the hit HBO series Girls, lead character Hannah Horvath, played by creator Lena Dunham, navigates her complex personal and professional life as an aspiring writer in New York City after her parents cut off financial support.

Now slated to return to HBO on January 13, 2013, Girls will kick off its second season with each character striving to take charge of their lives, while experiencing the inevitable pitfalls along the way as shown in the trailer below.

At The New Yorker Festival this fall, Dunham spoke with the magazine’s television critic Emily Nussbaum on finding inspiration to write for Girls. Dunham explained that some of her story arcs on bad dates came from her experiences in real life.

Inspiration for Dunham’s ‘Girls': Real-Life Bad Dates from The New Yorker on FORA.tv

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    1. Alyssa

      That trailer definitely is
      pretty interesting, so I may just have to check out what this show has to
      offer. I haven’t seen the first season just yet, but I have heard a lot of
      great things about it from some of the girls I work with at DISH. I did notice
      the entire first season is free on DISH Online, so I’ll most likely catch up from
      there before the second season premieres. If it’s anything like the trailer, and
      what my coworkers have told me, than I’m sure I’ll enjoy it. I’ll make sure to
      set a recording timer to my DVR from that site as well if I do end up liking
      it! Thanks for sharing! :)

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