Nov 14

Nancy Pelosi Forgoes Retirement, Will Remain House Democratic Leader

In a move that could play an important role in the upcoming fiscal cliff debate, Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif) opted to serve another two years as House Democratic leader. The longtime representative–and the highest-ranking female politician to ever serve in Washington–had privately weighed whether or not she would step down. In a speech in front of 61 other female representatives, she announced her decision to stay on.

Watch Nancy Pelosi in conversation with Margaret Carlson tomorrow at 10:55am EST (7:55am PST) at the Washington Ideas Forum hosted by FORA.tv.

Pelosi joins a largely unchanged Democratic leadership in both the House and Senate. In a Monitor Breakfast talk prior to the election, Pelosi discussed the difficulties her party experiences when dealing with Republicans especially in regards to their “obstructionist” philosophy.

Nancy Pelosi: Republican Philosophy Is ‘Obstruction’ from The Christian Science Monitor on FORA.tv.

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