Nov 12

Legalized Washington: State Officials to Ease Back on Marijuana Prosecutions

The Evergreen State gets greener

Following the approval of Initiative 502 by Washington voters last week, a measure that decriminalized marijuana in small amounts for most adults, state officials have acted quickly on several fronts to clarify the law and ease the current burden on the courts.

The Washington State Liquor Control Board website now features a page that will eventually outline the move toward implementing Initiative 502. It already includes a fact sheet that covers emerging details on taxes, retail laws and even a price estimate– $12 per gram.

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In King and Pierce Counties, home to the respective cities of Seattle and Tacoma, prosecutors are moving to drop several hundred misdemeanor marijuana cases from the books.

Tomorrow, we’ll discuss the implications of marijuana legalization in Colorado, which passed among voters last week in a similar ballot initiative and already has a thriving medical marijuana dispensary system. In the meantime, watch this following clip from the Commonwealth Club on the benefits of marijuana legislation.

Reefer Madness: The High Cost of Fighting Drugs from Commonwealth Club on FORA.tv

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