Nov 08

Forgery Emerges as the Avant-Garde, Provocative Art

Appraising a forgery

Attention struggling artists: if you’ve toiled for years to develop a signature artistic style that just hasn’t come to fruition they way you had planned, there is still hope. A curious movement has taken a foothold that is both celebrated and reviled in the contemporary art world: the creation of forgeries.

From artists like Ken Perenyi, whose forgeries have commanded up to $700,000 at auction, to individuals who have sought authentication of works copied from prominent artists like Roy Liechtenstein or Jackson Pollock, fake art has attracted the attention of art collectors, gallery and museum curators as well as the federal government. One of the foremost experts of forgeries is conceptual artist and author Jonathon Keats, who details the movement in his upcoming book Forged: Why Fakes Are The Great Art Of Our Age.

Keats discussed the significance of forgers as today’s creative provocateurs and reminded us that one of the world’s first modern art superstars merely copied a classic American brand, Campbell’s Soup Cans, in his paintings.

Jonathon Keats: Why Forgery is Today’s Provocative Art from UC Berkeley Extension on FORA.tv

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