Nov 13

Colorado’s Road to Legalizing Marijuana a Victory for Activists, Effective Government

Colorful Colorado

Though President Obama had a relatively convincing win over Mitt Romney in Colorado on election night, he wasn’t nearly as popular among voters as weed. Amendment 64–an initiative to legalize and regulate marijuana–gained 53,000 more votes than the President and signified a major victory for anti-prohibition activists in Colorado.

Since 2000 when voters passed Amendment 20 and legalized the use of medical marijuana, Colorado has seen a proliferation of commercial pot-growing operations and dispensaries. Tony Dokoupil, the son of a former large-scale grower, joined Terry Gross on Fresh Air this week to talk about entrepreneurs looking to cash-in on legal weed and the role both activists and the state’s government have played in winning support for legalization and regulation.

Tune in on Wednesday, November 15, for the U.S. Intelligence Squared Debate: Legalize Drugs shown live, and later on-demand, on FORA.tv.

In a wrap-up before tomorrow’s Intelligence Squared debate, we’ll post on how the Washington and Colorado ballot initiatives may affect drug policy at a national level including the so-called “War on Drugs.” For now, watch the following video from author Rick Steves at the Commonwealth Club where explains why he is an advocate for marijuana legalization.

Rick Steves Advocates Legalization of Marijuana from Commonwealth Club on FORA.tv

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