Aug 16

How Obama and Romney Navigate Through Rough Campaign Waters

In recent weeks both the Obama and Romney campaigns have traded a number of blows, each accusing the other of conducting negative campaigns. None of this is really all that surprising, considering the fundamental divide between the two camps on issues such as economic policy and the role of government– or, whether it’s Romney trying to undercut Obama’s likability and Obama painting Romney’s policies as destructive.

Samuel Popkin, author of The Candidate: What it Takes to Win–and Hold–the White House, uses a unique naval analogy to describe how the both the incumbent and the challenger navigate their campaigns through the summer, into the conventions and eventually through to November. He also discusses Obama’s strategy to overcome bipartisan struggles in Congress.

Popkin: Obama Curing ‘Obsessive Bipartisan Disorder’ from on FORA.tv

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    1. oyun

      Obama really intelligent man ..

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