May 17

Churchill Club: What’s the Next Big Thing in Tech?

On the eve of Facebook’s much anticipated IPO, we can’t help but look ahead and wonder which technology firm will invent the next transformative platform. That’s why we’re excited about the 14th Annual Top 10 Tech Trends on May 22, hosted by the Churchill Club– Silicon Valley’s premier business and technology forum.

At last year’s event, technology forecaster and strategist Paul Saffo told the Churchill Club audience that the novelty of social networking was wearing thin among investors.

Social Networks: The Novelty Is Wearing Off from Churchill Club on FORA.tv

Also joining the stage was the first federal Chief Technology Officer of the United States, Aneesh Chopra. He discussed new trends in education as well as the concept of reverse innovation.

Chopra Talks Tech, Education and Reverse Innovation from Churchill Club on FORA.tv

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