Feb 23

The Remarkable Past, Present and Future of Stem Cells

Out of the 210 distinct cell types found in the human body, one of the most talked about–and controversial–is the stem cell. These unique cells are broadly categorized into additional types: adult stem cells, which act as little repair engines  within the adult human body, and embryonic stem cells, which can form any of the 210 separate cell types and are found in early stage embryos, usually made up of 50 to 150 cells.

While there is a continuing ethical debate as to whether we should use embryonic stem cells in scientific research, there is no doubt these cells could play a role in treating or curing a variety of different acute and chronic conditions, such as heart attacks or Parkinson’s disease.

Dr. Bruce Conklin, an leading investigator at the Gladstone Institutes, recently spoke at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco on how stem cells could also help test whether a personalized medicine will work inside one’s body:

Stem Cells and Medicine: Be Your Own Guinea Pig from California Academy of Sciences and The Gladstone Institutes on FORA.tv

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