Feb 13

The Post SOPA/PIPA Era: How to Foster Innovation, Protect Content

Now that the SOPA/PIPA legislation is effectively dead in the water, thanks in part to an impressive campaign by several powerful Internet companies, what’s next? While free speech and open source activists now turn their focus to a similar (and some say more insidious) form of online regulation titled ACTA, media companies are still figuring out methods to protect content while promoting innovation. Both SOPA and PIPA were onerous pieces of legislation, but protecting copyright ownership is still an important issue.

Tomorrow in a Paley Center for Media event on FORA.tv, three media, legal, and investment professionals will speak in a discussion titled, “Protecting Content and Promoting Innovation in a Digital World: A Post-SOPA/PIPA Conversation.” Joining the event are Fred Wilson, a managing partner with Union Square Ventures in New York City, Richard Cotton, executive vice president and general counsel with NBC Universal, and Geoffrey Sands, the director of Mckinsey & Co’s., Global Media, Entertainment and Information Practice.

For more on how Internet users share media, check out this recent program from Paley on “Exploring Entertainment in the Cloud” that also discusses, in part, SOPA legislation:

Exploring Entertainment Content in the Cloud from The Paley Center for Media on FORA.tv

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