Jan 27

Can the U.N. Effectively Back the Syrian Protestors?

Ten months of continued violence in Syria deteriorated into further bloodshed this week with human rights activists claiming Bashar al-Assad’s security forces have killed at least 30 people since Thursday. Arab League monitors have expressed frustration with al-Assad’s forces, and the United Nations Security Council is due to discuss a resolution condemning the regime. However, with Russia indirectly backing the Syrian government, many believe a Security Council resolution will lack teeth to quell the violence.

Namik Tan, the Turkish Ambassador to the United States, discussed this issue in a recent chat with Monitor Breakfast journalists. While he stressed that any strong resolution on Syria should have the support of the entire Security Council, he believes defending human rights should be a top priority for political leaders in the region:

On Syria, Turkey Amb. Says Human Rights Trump Business from The Christian Science Monitor on FORA.tv

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