May 04

This Week’s Big Question: After bin Laden?

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This week’s Big Question: After bin Laden?

This week’s killing of al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden brings an end to a decade-long, international manhunt for the terrorist. The FORA.tv Series: Fighting Terrorism since 9/11 includes many programs on bin Laden, al Qaeda, and the War on Terror. Last year, counter-terrorism expert Jarret Brachman summarized an interview with high-ranking al Qaeda official Abu Yahya al-Libi, who was then seen as bin Laden’s heir apparent. Al-Libi taunted the U.S. by offering six strategies the military could use to defeat the terror network. Meanwhile, just last month Pulitzer Prize-winning author Lawrence Wright described what the U.S. should do with bin Laden should he ever be caught. Wright suggested that the al Qaeda leader be tried globally and sentenced under Sharia law. It looks like the terrorist received his punishment.

TWO VIEWS: Jarret Brachman and Lawrence Wright

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