Dec 23

Best of 2010 Video Countdown No. 9: Vogue’s Sally Springer

The Countdown continues…Coming in at Number Nine overall:

Vogue’s Sally Singer: Why Fashion Still Matters

Each day through the New Year, we’ll unveil a top 10 video on our homepage and topic pages. The Best of FORA.tv 2010 consists of 10 videos for the homepage, and 10 videos for each topic page: Economy, Environment, Politics, Technology, Science, Culture.  We select videos using measures both objective and subjective: view counts, embeds, shares, interactions and comments.

Overall, thus far:

9. Vogue’s Sally Singer: Why Fashion Still Matters

10. Keith Cowing: Famous Hacks at NASA

Number 9 videos for topic pages:

9. David Cameron in Conversation with Nassim Taleb

10. Eliot Spitzer: The Cataclysm of 2008-2009

9. Agassi to US Automakers: China Copying My EV Battery Tech

10. The Kind Diet: Alicia Silverstone


9. David Brooks: The Downside to Obama’s Self-Confidence

10. Julian Assange: How Safe Are WikiLeaks Secret Sources?


9. Rachel Armstrong: Saving Venice with Living Architecture

10. Discovery: First Scientifically Confirmed Poisonous Bird


9. Mobile Phones: The Next 4 Billion with Tomi Ahonen

10. Wine Library’s Gary Vaynerchuk vs Robert Parker, Wineries


9. Cameron Announces New Technology for Avatar Sequels

10. In Search of Enlightenment? Deepak Chopra Says ‘Just Be’

Leave us a comment or visit our Facebook pages to let us know what you think of our choices.

Happy New Year!

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