Dec 21

Personal Courage: Ken Kamler and Peter Coyote

Prolific actor and writer Peter Coyote gives the history of the Diggers and, in the process, San Francisco in the ’60’s at a Book Passage reading of Ringolevio, in honor of author and friend Emmett Grogan. He reads his own preface and sections from the book and discusses his own political odyssey, and struggles. It is an intimate look at local and national politics from one of the great voices of film and TV.

On today’s FORA front page, another EG Conference gem, this time from Ken Kamler, the heroic Everest doctor from the ill-fated 1996 expedition immortalized in film and literature (“Into Thin Air,” etc.). The audience hears both extraordinary acts of personal courage and endurance, and painful, revealed moments as the trip turned tragic for several climbers. Backstage at the Conference, Michael Cronan asked Ken about his personal preparation for the climb as a doctor, his relationship with his Sherpa guide and how climbing brings out the best in him. Kamler told Cronan, “It does bring out what I think is the best in me, pushes me to my limits and it shows me I have more in me than I ever thought I had. If you don’t test yourself in some way, you’ll never find out what you’ve got inside you… It challenges me to bring out the best qualities that I think I have in me, which would otherwise maybe lie dormant.” I have the interview on one of the Flip video cams FORA distributed for backstage discussions at the Conference and will try to edit and post it tonight (blogger software does not allow large files).

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