Jul 09

Must See on FORA.tv: Mark Zuckerberg’s Knowledge Economy, Lean In vs. Lean Back, and More

Mark Zuckerberg Explains the Knowledge Economy in 30 Seconds Facebook founder and billionaire Mark Zuckerberg chooses sides between Democrats and Republicans and explains why the new “knowledge economy” is all that matters. What Your Home Will Look Like In 2025 The kitchen of the future has long piqued curiosity. Will we ever have that Jetsons-like experience …

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Jun 23

Up For Debate: Does Unrestricted Political Spending Constitute Free Speech?

How has unlimited political spending changed the political landscape in the United States? Just ask the “politicos” themselves. A story on MSNBC last week details a report on the impact of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision in 2010, which effectively struck down any limits on campaign contributions by corporations. Coupled with another recent provision in …

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Jun 11

GSummit Live on FORA.tv: Don’t Miss Smart Fun with Jane McGonigal and More

At this year’s GSummit: San Francisco, the gamification industry’s best thinkers and gamers will demonstrate how to mute the marketing noise and conquer low attention spans by bringing exciting, interactive design back to business. A gamified world–fully stocked with gizmos and goods like loyalty programs, prize purses, badges, iBeacons, and wearbles–is better at motivating everyone …

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Jun 03

EPA Carbon Pollution Guidelines Put Climate Change Policy Front and Center

President Obama’s vow to make the United States a leader in the global fight against climate change moved to the front and center of national headlines yesterday following a proposed rule by the Environmental Protection Agency to limit carbon emissions from U.S. power plants. The proposal, which will be under public comment for a year before …

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May 28

The Next Billion: Seattle Hosted by Quartz Live on FORA.tv!

By 2016, global internet traffic is expected to double. This fundamental change in online habits is occurring largely on mobile devices, with rapid growth in emerging markets, specifically. The creation of this connected world will profoundly impact society, politics, technology, education, commerce, and finance. Quartz will explore this seismic shift and its implications for how we conduct business and lead …

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May 28

Glenn Greenwald: U.S. Making an ‘Example’ Out of Edward Snowden

In an exclusive, wide-ranging interview set to air tomorrow with NBC News anchor Brian Williams, NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden explains the role he played as a systems expert and contractor for the Defense Intelligence Agency, CIA, and NSA, and reflects on the global impact of his high-profile revelations. Snowden also dismisses his critics who say …

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May 23

Now on FORA.tv: WWD Beauty CEO Summit 2014

The beauty industry is undergoing a metamorphosis–shedding yesterday’s entrenched notions of brands, retailers, and consumers. This evolution is impacting everything from product development to marketing and requires new strategies for doing business. And the result? A more nuanced, modern approach to the global beauty industry. The WWD Beauty CEO Summit, held in Palm Beach, Florida, …

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May 20

Check Out This Unreal Time-Lapse Footage of a Supercell in Wyoming

A team of storm chasers put together a stunning time-lapse of a supercell developing over the plains of eastern Wyoming, revealing the power of nature in all of its tremendous beauty. You can check out the video below, courtesy of Basehunters–a storm hunting team out of Norman, Oklahoma, whose mission is “to seek out severe …

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May 19

Brown v Board of Education: Separate and Unequal Schools in 21st Century America

Reflections on the 60th anniversary of Brown v Board of Education–the landmark Supreme Court ruling in 1954 that declared state laws establishing segregated schools unconstitutional–received a significant amount of coverage over the weekend. But it was Michelle Obama’s commencement address in front of a group of high school seniors, partly a policy speech and partly …

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May 18

‘Interstellar’ Trailer Thrills With New Visions of Space Travel

The full trailer for Christopher Nolan’s highly anticipated new film Interstellar was released this weekend, wowing critics and science fiction fans alike. Not only does the trailer offer important plot clues, including what prompts the human species to explore beyond the bounds of our galaxy, it shows leading actor Matthew McConaughey at the controls of …

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